ODAAT (One Day At A Time) is one of the UK’s most successful drug and alcohol recovery programmes. It helps real people, who have slipped up in life to kick their addictions and successfully re-enter society. Many of the graduates go on to full time employment and further vocational educational, with a desire to help others kick their habit.

The odaat-challenge is and extension to the ODAAT programme and gives you the opportunity to participate, both personally and financially, to strengthen the ODAAT graduates ability to recover and undo the physical damage their addictions have caused to their bodies.

This site is solely to raise money for and the awareness of ODAAT. Whatever is put on this website have the power of helping someone to overcome their addiction.

The ODAAT recovery programme long term abstinence rates are outstanding: 80% of the graduates from the programme between 2001-2008 are still in recovery. Equally noteble is the fact that 52% of those are in full time employment with a further 24% studying academic or vocational courses and preparing for work.