On day at a timeODAAT stands for One Day At A Time and is a drug and alcohol recovery programme. ODAAT developed originally in Philadelphia, USA in 1983 as a community response to the crack ‘epidemic’ that hit the inner cities of US. In 1993 HOPE Worldwide established an ODAAT recovery house for men in the UK. Today, as one of the longest running services of its kind, ODAAT in UK operates a three stage programme which comprises 12 Step therapy groups, one on one counselling, relapse prevention, anger management and life skills group.


How does ODAAT work?


A significant factor in our success has been our tried and tested emphasis on empowerment for our clients and the value of peer support.


There are five stages to the ODAAT programme:


  1. Medicated and nursed detoxification
  2. Pre-admission (2-21 days)
  3. 1st Stage programme (3 months)
  4. 2nd Stage programme (3 months)
  5. Post-graduation support (Aftercare - 8 weeks to a year)


Pre-admission (2-21 days)


It is designed to provide structure and support for clients contemplating admission to treatment. Pre-admission has allowed ODAAT to make a more thorough appraisal of someone’s suitability for treatment in our programme than a one off interview.


1st Stage programme (3 months)


Weekly timetables involves attendance at the therapy programme (working the 12 step recovery method ), one on one counselling, compulsory attendance of a minimum of 5 AA/NA meetings per week, support planning sessions with HOPE Worldwide staff, attendance at anger management, relapse prevention, life skills and peer support groups and social and sporting activities.


The day to day running of the First Stage house is overseen by a HOPE Worldwide staff member and managed by a team of ex-residents.


2nd Stage programme (3 months)


The purpose of Second stage is to provide a bridge between the intensively structured regime on First Stage and the unstructured nature of independent living that clients must prepare for once they complete the programme. During the Second Stage clients work with HOPE Worldwide staff members on their move-on plan.


Post-graduation support (Aftercare - 8 weeks to a year)


All clients have ongoing support from HOPE Worldwide through a keyworker, but also through ex-clients and their peers. The Aftercare programme is in place to assist with the transition to independent living.


Aftercare provides a sense of purpose, a structure for the week, a gainful occupation of time and a further extension of support networks, thereby boosting clients’ prospects of maintaining their abstinence for the long term.